Upload a Semantic Model to the Cloud

You can use Model Administration Tool to upload a semantic model .rpd file to Oracle Analytics Cloud.


Administrators can also use the Console to upload semantic model .rpd files. See Upload Semantic Models from a .rpd File Using Console.
  1. In Model Administration Tool, open your semantic model .rpd file.
  2. From the File menu, click Cloud, then click Upload.
  3. Enter connection information for Oracle Analytics Cloud.
To make further changes, you simply connect to Oracle Analytics Cloud and edit the semantic model directly. You don’t have to edit the semantic model .rpd file and upload again.
To refresh or discard your changes, use the File submenu:
  • Refresh – Use this option to refresh your semantic model with the latest updates. If another developer has modified the semantic model, then you’re prompted to initiate a merge.

  • Discard – Use this option to cancel any changes that you’ve made to the semantic model in the current session.