Upload Semantic Models from a .rpd File Using Console

Administrators can upload semantic models built with Oracle BI Enterprise Edition to Oracle Analytics Cloud. After migrating semantic models to the cloud, content authors can visualize data in the usual way.

When you upload semantic models from Oracle BI Enterprise Edition, you delete existing semantic model information in Oracle Analytics Cloud and replace it with content in the semantic model .rpd file. The semantic models you upload become available to content authors as subject areas.


You can also upload semantic model .rpd files to Oracle Analytics Cloud using the Model Administration Tool (an Oracle Analytics Client Tool).

  1. Verify the semantic model .rpd file and associated database connections.
  2. In Oracle Analytics Cloud, click Console.
  3. Select Snapshots.
  4. Take a snapshot of the current semantic model in case you need to restore this version.
  5. From the Page menu, click Replace Data Model.
  6. Click Browse and select the semantic model .rpd file that you want to upload.
  7. Enter the password for the file.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Go to the Home page, click Data, and then Datasets to see the semantic models that you uploaded, available as subject areas.
  10. Optional: If the semantic model .rpd file includes permissions and data filters, create matching application roles in Oracle Analytics Cloud for the data security to work in the cloud.
    1. Create application roles with exactly the same names as those defined in Oracle BI Administration Tool.
    2. Assign users (and user roles) to the application roles as required.