1 Get Started with Administration

Let’s explore Oracle Analytics Cloud and what you need to know to get started with administration.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is hosted in several different geographic areas, called regions. This Guide is for administrators deploying Oracle Analytics Cloud on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in:


If your Oracle Cloud account gives you access to regions in Asia-Pacific, Latin America, North America (after 14th February 2020), or EMEA (after 2nd March 2020) you deploy and manage Oracle Analytics Cloud on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Gen 2. This deployment process is different on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Gen 2. For more details, see Administering Oracle Analytics Cloud on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (Gen 2).

About Oracle Analytics Cloud

Oracle Analytics Cloud is a scalable and secure public cloud service that provides capabilities to explore and perform collaborative analytics for you, your workgroup, and your enterprise.

When you deploy Oracle Analytics Cloud on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you complete some initial setup steps, and then Oracle takes care of most service management, patching, backup and restore, and other maintenance tasks.

Oracle offers several options on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Analytics Cloud Subscription. The main difference between these options is the way you subscribe (how you're billed) and how you determine the size of your service.
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud - Available if you subscribe to Oracle Analytics Cloud through Universal Credits. With Oracle Analytics Cloud, you specify the number of Oracle Compute Units (OCPUs) you want to deploy.
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud Subscription - Available if you require a fixed subscription. With Oracle Analytics Cloud Subscription, you either specify the number of OCPUs you want to deploy or how many people you expect to use the service.

For information about editions and features available, see Getting Started with Oracle Analytics Cloud.

Typical Workflow for Administrators

If you’re setting up Oracle Analytics Cloud for the first time, follow these tasks as a guide.

Task Description More Information

Place an order for Oracle Analytics Cloud or sign up for a free Oracle Cloud promotion

Signing up for the free Oracle Cloud promotion is as easy as creating a new Oracle Cloud account.

Request and Manage Free Oracle Cloud Promotions

Upgrade to a Paid Account

Activate your Oracle Cloud account

You receive a welcome email when your account is ready. To activate your account, you must sign in with the credentials provided in the email.

Signing in for the First Time

Sign in to Oracle Cloud for the first time

Click the Get Started with Oracle Cloud link in your welcome email and sign in. You’re prompted to change your password.

As Cloud Account Administrator, you can complete all the setup tasks for Oracle Analytics Cloud.

Signing in for the First Time

(Optional) Enable other users to create Oracle Analytics Cloud services

If you don’t want to set up Oracle Analytics Cloud yourself, give other users permissions to create services.

Give Another User Permission to Set Up Oracle Analytics Cloud

Determine your service requirements

Plan your Oracle Analytics Cloud deployment. Think about what you want before you start.

Plan Your Service

Create a service

Deploy a new service with Oracle Analytics Cloud or Oracle Analytics Cloud Subscription.

Create Services with Oracle Analytics Cloud

Create a Service with Oracle Analytics Cloud Subscription

Verify your service

You receive an email when your service is ready. Check that you can sign in and that your service is up and running.

Verify Your Service and Sign In

Set up users

Set up users for Oracle Analytics Cloud in Oracle Identity Cloud Service and assign roles to them.

Set Up Users and Application Roles

Configure more options for your service

Configure service-level options for everyone using your service. The options available depend on the features that you chose to deploy.

Data Visualization

Business Intelligence — Enterprise Modeling

Essbase — Collaborative Data Collection, Scenarios, What If Analysis

Configure Options for Your Service

Migrate content

Leverage your existing content in Oracle Analytics Cloud.

Migrate to Oracle Analytics Cloud from Other Environments

Before You Begin with Oracle Analytics Cloud

Oracle Analytics Cloud is available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. When you order Oracle Analytics Cloud you automatically get access to other required services, including Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

When you activate your Oracle Analytics Cloud order, you get the Cloud Account Administrator role. This role gives you full administration privileges on the cloud account, so you can complete all aspects of Oracle Analytics Cloud setup and create other users. There’s no need to delegate this responsibility, but if you want someone else to set up Oracle Analytics Cloud, you can add more users and assign them to the required roles. The roles required for individual services are listed in the table.

Here’s some information about how Oracle Analytics Cloud uses other services and what you need to do if you’re setting up Oracle Analytics Cloud for the first time.

Service What is it for? Do I need to do anything?
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Oracle Analytics Cloud uses Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to store product-related schemas, binary files, and logs. No.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Oracle Analytics Cloud uses buckets in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage to store analytics data sets that users upload and any snapshots that you take to back up your content. No.
Oracle Identity Cloud Service Oracle Identity Cloud Service Foundation is automatically provided when you subscribe to Oracle Analytics Cloud. Some additional features are available with Basic and Standard Editions. See About Oracle Identity Cloud Service Pricing Models in Administering Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

Yes. You add users and give them access to Oracle Analytics Cloud.

About Required Services and Roles

These are the administrator roles that you need to set up each service.

See Give Another User Permission to Set Up Oracle Analytics Cloud.

Required Service Administrator Role Required to...
Oracle Analytics Cloud AUTONOMOUS_ANALYTICS_ServiceAdminstrator Create and manage services with Oracle Analytics Cloud.
Oracle Analytics Cloud Subscription ANALYTICSSUB_ServiceAdministrator Create and manage services with Oracle Analytics Cloud Subscription.
Oracle Identity Cloud Service Identity Domain Administrator Add new users and manage roles.