Column Menu Options for Quick Data Transformations

You can use the following column menu options to transform data in a data flow.

Options Description
Rename Change the column name.
Duplicate Create a column with data that’s identical to the selected column.
Delete Select and remove a column from the data set.
Convert to Number Change the data type of the column to number and delete any values that aren't numbers.
Convert to Text Change the data type of a column to text.
Uppercase Convert all the text in the column to uppercase.
Lowercase Convert all the text in the column to lowercase.
Sentence Case Convert the first letter of the first word to uppercase on each row in a column.
Group Create a custom group to combine related values. For example, you can group states with custom regions and categorize dollar amounts into groups showing small, medium, and large.
Merge Columns Combine two or more columns to display as one.
Transform Modify the column data by using an expression.
Bin Create your custom groups for number ranges.