Create a Dataset From a Connection

When you create a dataset, you can add tables from one or more data source connections, add joins, and enrich data.

Before you create the dataset, you can check to see if the data source connections you need already exist. See View Available Connections.


You can create datasets with multiple tables from most data sources. Exceptions include Oracle EPM Cloud, Oracle Essbase, or Google Analytics.

  1. On the Home page, click Create and then click Dataset.
  2. In the Create Dataset dialog, select a connection.
  3. In the Dataset editor, go to the Connections pane and browse or search for a schema.
  4. Optional: If you want to build the dataset's table joins manually rather than have Oracle Analytics automatically create them, then deselect the Auto Join Tables toggle to turn off automatic join creation.
  5. Click the schema to view a list of its tables. Drag and drop tables to the Join Diagram. If you know the fact table, then add it first before you add dimension tables. The fact table must be the left-most table in the Join Diagram.
    By default, the dataset you're building includes any table joins defined in the data source. If no joins exist in the data source then Oracle Analytics identifies and adds joins.
  6. Optional: To add data from additional data sources, go to the Connections pane, click Add, and then click Add Connection or Add File to select and add another connection or file to the dataset.
  7. Optional: If you added another connection or a file, then from the Connections pane, click the new connection's schema to open it, and drag and drop tables to the Join Diagram.
  8. Optional: When you drag and drop a table to the Join Diagram from some data sources such as local subject areas or Fusion Applications Suite subject areas, then no columns are displayed. Go to the Table Page Tabs, click the subject area table, and use the Transform Editor to specify which columns to include in the table. Click OK.
  9. In the Join Diagram, inspect, modify, add, or delete joins.
    • To inspect or modify a join, click the join to open the Join editor and inspect or modify the join type and join conditions.
    • To add a join, locate the table that you want to join, hover over it to select it, and then click and drag and drop it on to the table that you want to join it to. Open the Join editor to inspect or update the join type and conditions.
    • To delete a join, hover over the join icon and click Delete Join.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Enter a name and click OK.
  12. To prepare a table's data, go to the tab row at the bottom of the Dataset editor and click the table's tab. Alternatively, from the Join Diagram, double-click the table, or right-click the table and select Open.

  13. Use the Transform editor to perform any data transformations or enrichments. Click Save Dataset.
  14. To edit a table's definition such as columns to include or exclude and data access, in the Transform editor, click Edit Definition and make any changes. Click OK and then click Save Dataset.