Create a Dataset from a Data Source with REST Endpoints (Preview)

You can create a dataset with data accessed via the REST endpoint of a SaaS or PaaS application such as Workday, eBay, or MailChimp.

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Connecting to data via REST endpoints enables you to analyze data from many transactional SaaS or PaaS applications without having to understand the internal format or structure of the data.
  1. If you already have a connection to the REST data source you want to analyze, skip to Step 2 .
    If you don't have a connection, create a connection to the REST data source. See Connect to Data From REST Endpoints.
  2. On the Home page, click Create and then click Dataset.
  3. In the Create Dataset dialog, click a connection to the REST data source.
  4. In the Dataset editor, go to the Connections pane and navigate to Schemas, then AUTOREST.
  5. Drag and drop one or more tables from the AUTOREST schema to the Join Diagram.
  6. Click Save Dataset.
  7. Enter a name and click OK.