Create a Dataset Using a Data Flow

Use a data flow to curate data and create a dataset. For example, you might merge two datasets, cleanse the data, and output the results to a new dataset.

  1. On the Home or Data page, click Create and select Data Flow.
  2. In the Add Dataset dialog, select a dataset then click Add.
    You can add more data sources at any time by clicking Add Step (+), then clicking Add Data.
  3. Optional: In the Add Data pane, configure your data. For example, include or exclude columns, or rename columns.
  4. Build your data flow:
    For each function that you want to perform, click Add a step (+), click the step type you want, then specify the properties in the Step editor pane.
    Tip: Hover over the last step to display the Add a step (+) option. You can also edit your flow and add steps using Options in the Column header. For example, you can rename, reformat, merge, or transform columns.
  5. Add a Save Data step to the end of your data flow.
  6. Save your data flow.
    You can start processing your data now by clicking Run Data Flow, or later using the Data Flows panel on the Data page (from the Home page, click Navigator, then click Data). You can access the generated dataset on the Datasets panel on the Data page.