Create a Project and Add Data Sets

Projects contain visualizations that help you to analyze your data in a productive and meaningful ways.

When you create a project, you add one or more data sets containing the data that you want to visualize and explore. Data sets contain data from subject areas, Oracle Applications, databases, or uploaded data files such as spreadsheets. You can also add multiple data sets to your existing projects.

Tutorial icon Tutorial

You can use the Data Set page to familiarize yourself with all available data sets. Data sets have distinct icons to help you quickly identify them by type.
  1. To create a new project, go to the Home Page, click Create, then click Project.
    • Alternatively, go to the Data page and click Data Sets. Select a data set you want to analyze in a project and click Action menu or right-click. Select Create Project.
    • Alternatively, to open an existing project, on the Home page, click Navigator, then select Projects. Locate an existing project in the My Folders, Shared Folders, Projects, or Favorites page. You can also locate an existing project by using the Home page search or by browsing the project thumbnails shown on the Home page. Click the project’s Action menu, then click Open.
  2. You can add data to a project using one of the following options:
    • If you're working with a new project, then in the Add Data Set dialog browse and select the data sources that you want to analyze, then click Add to Project.

      You can add data sources based on data sets, subject areas, or database connections.

    • If you’re working with an existing project, then in the Data Panel click Add (+), then Add Data Set to display the Add Data Set dialog and add a data source.
    • You can also create a new data source based on a file, subject area, or connection using the Create Data Set dialog, then add it your projects. .
  3. To visualize data from multiple data set in the same project, in the Data Panel click Add, and then select Add Data Set.
    When you’ve multiple data set in a project, click Data Sets in the properties pane to change the default data blending options. See Blend Data that You Added.
  4. Drag the data elements that you want to visualize from the Data Panel onto the visualization canvas, and start building your project. .
    • You can transform your data set to improve the quality of your analysis and visualization using data preparation script in the Prepare canvas. See Prepare Your Data Set for Analysis.