Make Map Backgrounds Available to Users

Oracle provides two preconfigured map backgrounds. As an administrator, you can add map backgrounds for use in map visualizations.

  1. On the Home page, click Console, select Maps, and then click Backgrounds.
    • To set a background as the default map background, click the Default column.
    • To include or exclude a map background as an available option to users, click the Include column.
  2. To add a map background, click Add Background and select a map background from the list.
    Oracle Maps are preconfigured and shipped with the product. Other background maps that you can add are Google Maps. For a map provider other than Oracle (for example, Google), you must obtain an Map API access key for which you may be charged based on your usage.
  3. Copy and paste in the appropriate Maps API access key.

    You must sign up with the provider to be able to add and use any of these map types.

    • To use the Google Maps tiles, you must obtain a Google Maps API access key from Google. Google prompts you to enter your Maps API access key and, when applicable, your Google “Client ID”. Usage of the tiles must meet the terms of service specified by Google in the Google Developers Site Terms of Service.
  4. Select a default map type if applicable and enter a helpful description if needed.
  5. Click Add to include the map in the list of available map backgrounds.