Manage Custom Plug-ins

You can upload, download, search for, and delete custom plug-ins in Data Visualization. Plug-ins are custom visualization types that you create externally and import into Data Visualization.

For example, you can upload a custom plug-in that provides a visualization type that you can use in projects.

Tutorial icon Tutorial

  1. Navigate to Console and click Extensions. You use this page to upload, search for, delete, or download a custom plug-in.
  2. To upload a custom plug-in, click Upload Extension and perform one of the following actions.
    • Browse to the required plug-in file in your file system, and click Open to select the plug-in.
    • Drag the required plug-in file to the Upload Custom Plugin object.

    If the uploaded custom plug-in file name is the same as an existing custom plug-in, then the uploaded file replaces the existing one and is displayed in visualizations.

  3. Perform any of the following tasks.
    • If the plug-in provides a visualization type, you can select that type from the list of available types when you create or switch the type of a visualization.
    • To search for a custom plug-in, enter your search criteria in the Search field and click Return to display search results.
    • To delete a custom plug-in, click Options on the custom plug-in and select Delete, and click Yes to delete the custom plug-in.

      If you delete a custom visualization type that’s used in a project, then that project displays an error message in place of the visualization. Either click Delete to remove the visualization, or upload the same custom plug-in so that the visualization renders correctly.

    • To download a custom plug-in from Data Visualization to your local file system, click Options on the custom plug-in and select Download.