About Map Backgrounds

You can enhance map visualizations in projects by adding and maintaining map backgrounds.

You can apply the ready-to-use map backgrounds to a project. You can also add backgrounds from the available list of Web Map Service (WMS) providers such as Google Maps and Baidu Maps. Background maps from these providers offer details and language support (such as city or region name) that certain geographic regions (such as Asian countries) require. You can enhance backgrounds in these ways:
  • Modify the background parameters such as map type, format, language and API keys. The parameters are different for each WMS provider.

  • Assign or change the default background in a project.

  • Reverse the inherited default background settings in a project.

You can add a WMS provider and perform the following types of functions:
  • Add the WMS map servers, and make them available as additional map background options.

  • Select one or more map backgrounds available from the WMS provider.

  • Assign an added WMS provider’s map as the default map background.