Search Tips

You must understand how the search functionality works and how to enter valid search criteria.

Table 5-1

Search Criteria Type Description
Wildcard Searches You can use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard when searching. For example, you can specify *forecast to find all items that contain the word “forecast”. However, using two wildcards to further limit a search returns no results (for example, *forecast*).
Meaningful Keywords When you search, use meaningful keywords. If you search with keywords such as by, the, and in it returns no results. For example, if you want to enter by in the search field to locate two projects called “Forecasted Monthly Sales by Product Category” and “Forecasted Monthly Sales by Product Name,” then it returns no results.
Items Containing Commas If you use a comma in your search criteria the search returns no results. For example, if you want to search for quarterly sales equal to $665,399 and enter 665,399 in the search field, then no results are returned. However, entering 655399 does return results.
Date Search If you want to search for a date attribute, you search using the year-month-date format. Searching with the month/date/year format (for example, 8/6/2016) doesn’t produce any direct matches. Instead, your search results contain entries containing 8 and entries containing 2016.
Searching in Non-English Locales When you enter criteria in the search field, what displays in the drop-down list of suggestions can differ depending upon your locale setting. For example, if you’re using an English locale and enter sales, then the drop-down list of suggestions contains items named sale and sales. However, if you’re using a non-English locale such as Korean and type sales, then the drop-down list of suggestions contains only items that are named sales and items such as sale aren’t included in the drop-down list of suggestions.

For non-English locales, Oracle suggests that when needed, you search using stem words rather than full words. For example, searching for sale rather than sales returns items containing sale and sales. Or search for custom to see a results list that contains custom, customer, and customers.

Searching for Data Values Only Oracle BI Repository (RPD file) data sources are indexed and returned in your search results.