Typical Workflow for Exploring Data

Here are the common tasks for exploring your data.

Task Description More Information

Create a project and add data sets

Create a new data visualization project and add one or more data sets to the project.

Create a Project and Add Data Sets

Add data elements

Add data elements (for example, data columns or calculations) from the selected data set to visualizations on the Prepare canvas.

Build a Visualization by Adding Data from Data Panel

Adjust the canvas layout

Add, remove, and rearrange visualizations.

Adjust the Visualization Canvas Layout

Filter content

Specify how many results and which items to include in visualizations.

Create and Apply Filters to Visualize Data

Build stories Capture your insights about visualizations within a story to revisit later, include in a presentation, or share with a team member.

Build Stories

Deploy machine learning and Explain Use Diagnostic Analytics (Explain) to show patterns and uncover insights in your data set, and add the visualizations that Explain provides to your projects.

Analyze Your Data Set Using Machine Learning