Use Machine Learning to Discover Data Insights

Machine learning analyzes the data to recognize the patterns and trends in your data set to provide visual insights and enhanced statistical analysis. You can subsequently use these visual insights and statistical analysis in your project visualization canvas to interpret the data in your data set.

Machine learning provides accurate, fast, and powerful data insights because it analyzes and processes technical and statistical complexity and the volume and variety of the date in your data set. Because of machine learning’s accuracy, speed, and scale, it’s cheaper and more powerful than the traditional method of analyzing data.

To discover data insights, you simply select an attribute in your data set. Machine learning provides you with narratives, visual insights, and statistical analyses such as charts. You can select specific charts and include them as visualizations in your project visualization canvas. You manage these visualizations as you do any other visualizations in your project. With machine learning, you don't have to waste time guessing and dropping random data elements on the canvas to create a visualization for data insight.

You can use machine learning to start uncovering insights in your data. See Discover Insights Using Machine Learning.