Use a Subject Area as a Data Set

A project can contain one or more subject areas. You can also create projects that contain subject areas and any other type of data source, for example a spreadsheet or database data source.

To see the list of available subject areas, click the Subject Area link in the Add Data Set page. The subject areas that display in this list are the same subject areas that you can use to create analyses in the Analyses Editor. Only the data to which you have the proper permissions to access and work with displays in the data set you select. Permissions are also applied when another user views or works with the projects that you create from data sets.

You can’t use Oracle Analytics to modify the subject areas like you do with other types of data sets. For example, you can’t exclude a column, change a column’s data type or aggregation rule, or change the column from a measure column to an attribute column. You must use the enterprise reporting and modeling tools to make changes to subject areas.