Setting Aliases

The information about aliases and alias tables applies to block storage and aggregate storage databases.

An alias is an alternate name for a member or shared member. For example, members in the Product dimension in the Sample.Basic database are identified both by product codes, such as 100, and by more descriptive aliases, such as Cola. Aliases, stored in alias tables, can improve the readability of outlines or reports.

You can set multiple aliases for a member using alias tables. For example, you can use different aliases for different kinds of reports—users may be familiar with 100-10 as Cola, but advertisers and executives may be familiar with it as The Best Cola. This list shows products in the Sample.Basic database that have two descriptive alias names:

Product  Default              Long Names
100-10   Cola                 The Best Cola
100-20   Diet Cola            Diet Cola with Honey
100-30   Caffeine Free Cola   All the Cola, none of the Caffeine