21 Analyze Data in the Web Interface

For convenience, you can perform analysis on cube data from the Essbase web interface.

To analyze data grids in the Essbase web interface,

  1. Log in to Essbase with at least Database Access role for the application whose cube data you want to analyze.
  2. On the Applications page, expand the application, and highlight the row containing the cube name.
  3. From the Actions menu to the right of the cube name, click Analyze Data.

A grid is displayed in the Ad Hoc Analysis tab. In this tab, you can:

  • Perform ad hoc analysis against the cube you selected when you opened the Analyze Data view.
  • Save a grid layout that you can refresh when you use the Ad Hoc Analysis tab in the future.

On the Reports tab, you can use MDX to write sophisticated data queries to populate the grid and to save as named reports.