Create and Validate Member Formulas in Cube Designer

In the Cube Designer Formula Editor, you can write formulas for specific outline members in block storage cubes. You can construct member formulas from operators, functions, dimension names, member names, substitution variables, and numeric constants, and you can validate them to check for correct syntax.

  • The Cube Designer Formula Editor applies only to block storage cubes.
  • Validation works against existing cubes in the cloud service. It does not detect application workbook changes that have not been applied to the cube.
  • Member selection works with existing cubes only.

Formula Editor provides a formula editing pane in which you can enter a formula. You can use the Tab and arrow keys to move focus within Formula Editor. You can also use a point-and-click approach to select and insert formula components into the formula editing pane. A member selection tree helps you place the correct member names into the formula.

  1. Open the application workbook for the cube that you want to modify.
  2. If a dimension worksheet has been defined with the Formula property, select the cell in the Formula column for the member you wish to create a formula.
  3. On the Cube Designer ribbon, click Formula Editor Image of the Formula Editor icon..
  4. Enter your login credentials for the service, if prompted to do so.
  5. In the Formula Editor, create the formula.
    • Use the keyboard to enter formula text. Enclose in quotation marks any member names containing blanks or special characters.

    • Select a cell containing a member name or alias from any dimension worksheet. Place the cursor in the appropriate location of the editor and right-click to paste that name surrounded by quotes into the editor.

    • Double-click on a member in the member selection tree to have that member pasted into the editor.
    • Double-click on a function to have that function syntax pasted into the editor.

  6. Click Validate to check formula syntax.
    If the validation fails, edit the formula and try again. Be sure to check the error message for guidance.