Create Calculation Scripts

Calculation scripts specify how block storage cubes are calculated and, therefore, override outline-defined cube calculations. For example, you can calculate cube subsets or copy data values between members.

You create calculation scripts using a script editor in the Oracle Analytics Cloud – Essbase web interface.

Calculation scripts do not apply to aggregate storage applications.

  1. On the Application page, expand the application.
  2. From the Actions menu, to the right of the cube name, launch the inspector.
  3. Select the Scripts tab, and then select the Calculation Scripts tab.
  4. Click Add Image of the Add icon. to create a new calculation script.
  5. If member names are required in your calculation script, drill into the Member Tree to find the members you want to add.
    Right-click dimension or member names to insert them into the script.
  6. If function names are required in your calculation script, use the Function Name menu to find calculation functions and add them to the script.
    See the Function description under the menu to read descriptions of each function.
  7. Click Validate before saving your script.

    Validating a script verifies the script syntax. For example, incorrectly spelled function names and omitted end-of-line semicolons are identified. Validation also verifies dimension names and member names.

  8. Correct any validation errors.

    Calculation scripts can contain runtime substitution variables designed to derive the calculation scope from the point of view (POV) in a Smart View grid. These types of calculation scripts will not pass validation on the server, because the point of view can only be known from a Smart View grid.

  9. Click Save.
To learn about calculation script logic, see Developing Calculation Scripts for Block Storage Databases.
To learn about calculation functions and commands, see Calculation Functions and Calculation Commands.