Create a Sample Cube to Explore Outline Properties

Throughout this chapter, you will work with a copy of the Sample.Basic gallery template that you create on your server. You must be a power user to create the application.

If you aren’t a power user, ask one to create an application for you and provision you as Database Manager for the application.

  1. Log into the web interface as a power user.
  2. On the Applications page, click Import.
  3. Select Catalog.
  4. Double-click Gallery.
  5. Double-click Applications.
  6. Double-click Demo Samples.
  7. Double-click Block Storage.
  8. Highlight Sample_Basic.xlsx and click Select.
  9. Type a unique Application Name and click OK.

If the application name you choose isn’t unique, you will receive an error message asking you to change the name.

For the remainder of the chapter, when we refer to <yourapplication>, you should use the application you just created.