Download: Get Cube Files

Downloads cube artifacts from an instance of Essbase to a local directory. You may need to download text files, rule files, or calculation script files from a cube, so you can work on them or upload them to another cube. Requires at least Database Update permission.


download [-verbose] -file filename [-application appname [-db cubename]] [-localdirectory path] [-overwrite] [-nocompression]
Option Abbreviation Description
-verbose -v Show extended descriptions
-file -f Name of file to download
-application -a Optional. Application name. If not provided, artifacts are downloaded from your user home directory.
-db -d Optional. Database (cube) name
-localdirectory -ld Optional. A local directory path
-overwrite -o Optional. Overwrite existing file
-nocompression -nc Optional. Disable compression of data transfer


esscs download -v -f Product003.rul -a Sample -d Basic -ld c:/temp -o 
esscs download -file Acli.rul -ld c:/temp -o