Explore the Gallery Templates

Gallery templates are application workbooks that you can use to build fully functional Essbase cubes. Think of these templates as starter kits you can use not only to build cubes, but to learn about Essbase features, and to model a variety of analytical problems across business domains.

The gallery templates include README worksheets, describing the purpose and usage of the workbook and cube.

Gallery templates are packaged in the form of an application workbook, and may also have additional supporting files. You use an application workbook to create an application and cube using either of these methods: the Import button in the Essbase web interface, or the Build Cube button on the Cube Designer ribbon in Excel. To access the gallery from the Essbase web interface, click Files and navigate to the gallery section. To access the gallery from Cube Designer, use the Cloud button on the Cube Designer ribbon.

The gallery templates are grouped into the following categories: