LcmExport: Back Up Cube Files

Backs up cube artifacts to a Lifecycle Management (LCM) .zip file. Requires at least Application Manager permission.


lcmExport [-verbose] -application appname [-zipfilename filename] [-localDirectory path] [-threads threadscount] [-skipdata] [-overwrite] [-generateartifactlist] [-include-server-level]
Option Abbreviation Description
-verbose -v Optional. Show extended descriptions
-application -a Name of application to back up
-zipfilename -z Optional. Name of compressed file to hold backup files
-localdirectory -ld Optional. A local directory path
-threads -T Optional. Number of threads to spawn if using parallel export
-skipdata -skip Optional. Do not include data in the backup
-overwrite -o Optional. Overwrite existing backup file
-generateartifactlist -gal Optional. Generate a text file containing a complete list of the exported artifacts. You can use this text file to manage the import of artifacts. For example, you can rearrange the order of artifacts in the list to control the order in which they are imported. You can skip importing some artifacts by removing or commenting out items in the list.
-include-server-level -isl Optional. Include globally defined connections and Datasources as part of the export


This command, like other CLI commands, can be used from outside the Essbase machine, whereas the LCM utility must be run on the Essbase machine.


esscs lcmExport -v -a Sample -z -ld c:/temp -skip -o -gal -isl