16 Link Cubes Using Partitions and XREF/XWRITE

You can use either partitions or XREF/XWRITE to analyze data across cubes.

You may have more than one cube that you use for business analysis. To share data across multiple cubes, you can connect the cubes by implementing partitions, XREF/XWRITE, or both. Two cubes connected by a partition can be thought of as a source and target pair. When using XREF/XWRITE, it is easiest to think of the local cube and the remote cube.

When partitioning or using XREF/XWRITE functions between cubes on the same Essbase instance, no reference to the host instance or login credentials are required. However, if the cubes you wish to connect are on separate Essbase cloud instances, you will first need to create a reusable connection to link the two cloud instances.

To use partitions or XREF/XWRITE, users must be provisioned on the remote cube as well as the local cube.