Manage your Password and Password Challenge Questions

On your first login, you’re prompted to personalize your password and set responses to challenge questions, so that you can retrieve your password if you forget it. Later, you can reset the password and change your challenge questions.

  1. Enter your current or temporary password that you received in the email from the Oracle Cloud Administrator.
  2. Enter and confirm a new password.
  3. Register your challenge questions for your account, by selecting challenge questions and their answers.

To obtain a temporary password because you forgot your password:

  1. Go to the URL for your cloud service instance.

    To view a list of URLs, see Cloud Service, REST, and Smart View Client URLs.

  2. (Optional) If you did not set a default identity domain during a previous session, enter your identity domain, and then click Go.
  3. In Sign In to Oracle Cloud, click the Can't access your account? link.
  4. Enter your user ID and responses to your challenge questions.