Name Generations and Levels

You can create your own names for generations and levels in an outline, using a word or phrase that describes the generation or level. For example, you might create a generation name called Cities for all cities in the outline. You can define only one name for each generation or level.

Use generation and level names in calculation scripts wherever you need to specify either a list of member names or a list of generation or level numbers. For example, you can limit a calculation in a calculation script to the members of a specific generation.

Data Visualization displays generation names, while in Smart View, you use dimension names for browsing.

  1. On the Applications page, expand <yourapplication>.
  2. From the Actions menu, to the right of the cube name, click Inspect.
  3. In the inspector, select the Dimensions tab.
  4. On the Dimensions tab, select the dimension in which you want to name generations or levels.
  5. Click a generation or level name to enable editing of that field.
  6. Enter a generation or level name.
    <yourapplication> already has generation and level names, but you can change them if you want to.
  7. Click Save.