Overview of Oracle Analytics Cloud – Essbase

Proven Platform and Technology

Oracle Analytics Cloud – Essbase helps you to build your company’s cloud strategy efficiently by avoiding data and business process fragmentation. The cloud platform’s functional architecture optimizes Oracle Cloud resources, and is based on the proven Oracle Essbase platform, which is widely used to solve simple to complex business analytics use cases across all industries. It is designed to help you model business performance levels and deliver what-if analyses for varying conditions. Using Oracle Identity Cloud Service, Essbase can utilize enterprise-wide user profiles to work and integrate with Oracle Cloud.

Best-in-Class Functionality

Oracle Analytics Cloud – Essbase can be accessed on an intuitive Web 2.0 or Microsoft Office interface for all of your analytic and business modeling needs, from multi-dimensional analysis to complex procedural business logic applied to your data. You can easily create and share on-the-fly transient models or deliver enterprise-wide long-established databases. New agile forecasting functionality facilitates collaborative what-if analysis and modeling. A gallery of cube templates provided with Essbase helps you get started – see Exploring the Gallery Templates.

Scalable and Flexible

Oracle Analytics Cloud – Essbase is built on the Essbase platform. It leverages the best of the on-premises software and adds new functionality for the cloud. You can now increase the available size and complexity of your models, while reducing the complexity for deploying them. The cloud platform service offers you specially built technology to facilitate your rapid deployment of on-the-fly analytic models, enabling them to be extended as your business needs evolve or discarded in favor of your new models. By creating and sharing these ad hoc models, you can quickly build and collaborate using Microsoft Excel and Web interfaces. The elasticity and scalability of the cloud platform means you can scale the service up or down depending on workloads and usage requirements.

Enterprise Ready

Oracle Analytics Cloud – Essbase is your one-stop cloud service to build, deploy, and manage analytic and reporting applications for any size organization and deployments. It supports data backup and migration, and can also distribute application templates throughout your organization without compromising ease of use or self-service options. The cloud platform service provides flat-file, Excel-based, and SQL-based import and export.

Rapid Deployment

With Oracle Analytics Cloud – Essbase, you can get started immediately, because it requires no initial investment. Your subscription includes everything that you need. You do not need to license, install, upgrade, or patch software. You do not have to buy, install, or configure hardware. Using the new application workbook upload, you can also leverage the deep product expertise of the worldwide Oracle Hyperion Partner network and the Essbase gallery templates to quickly develop and deploy cloud-based analytic models.


If you’re an existing Essbase customer, you can leverage its built-in migration capabilities to port your on-premises Essbase applications to Oracle Analytics Cloud – Essbase. Migrating enables your organization to extend Oracle Analytics Cloud – Essbase usage across the enterprise to other lines of business, without additional demands on your IT resources, hardware, personnel or budget.