Set Up Your Client

In the Console, you can download desktop tools to use for administration, import, and export. Set up your local client computer using these tools. Many of your interactions with Essbase originate from your local machine. Be sure you're using the latest versions provided in the Console, as older, previously downloaded versions may not work correctly.

  • Command Line Tools ensure you a smooth migration between on-premises Essbase installations and Essbase cloud service instances, as well as between Essbase cloud service instances.
  • Smart View
  • Essbase Maxl Clients—Provides Linux and Windows clients to enable scripting of Essbase administrative tasks. MaxL is an administrative, language-based interface for managing Essbase cubes and artifacts.

    See Managing Essbase Using the MaxL Client.

  • Essbase Clients—Provides libraries for Essbase C API.

  • Essbase Java API—Enables development of Essbase client tools in Java, and provides libraries, samples and documentation for the Essbase Java API.