Upload: Add Cube Files

Uploads cube artifacts from a local directory to an instance of Essbase.

To perform tasks such as data loads, dimension builds, calculations, or other operations, you may need to upload data files, rule files, calculation script files, or other artifacts to the cube directory. You can also upload the artifacts to your user directory.

To upload files to a cube, you need at least Database Manager permission. No special permissions are required to upload to your user directory.


upload [-verbose] -file filename [-application appname [-db cubename]] [-overwrite] [-nocompression][-compressionalgorithm]
Option Abbreviation Description
-verbose -v Optional. Show extended descriptions
-file -f Name of file to upload
-application -a Optional. Application name. If not provided, files are uploaded to your user directory.
-db -d Optional. Database (cube) name
-overwrite -o Optional. Overwrite existing file
-nocompression -nc Optional. Disable compression of data transfer
-compressionalgorithm -ca Optional. Available if -nc is not used. Defines which compression algorithm to use for data transfer. Possible choices: gzip or lz4.
  • gzip—Default if compression is used. Provides smaller data transfer with slower calculation.

  • lz4—Provides faster calculation with a slower data transfer.

Usage examples:

-ca gzip
-ca lz4


esscs upload -v -f c:/temp/Maxl01.msh -a Sample -d Basic -o -ca lz4