View Dimension Hierarchies in Cube Designer

You can view dimension hierarchies in the Cube Designer Dimension Hierarchy viewer. To learn more about hierarchies, see Outline Hierarchies in Designing and Maintaining Essbase Cubes.

  1. Open the application workbook containing the hierarchy that you want to view.
  2. Select the dimension worksheet for the hierarchy that you want to view.
  3. On the Cube Designer ribbon, select Hierarchy Viewer Image of the hierarchy viewer icon..

When you view a hierarchy in Cube Designer, you can perform some actions on the hierarchy. These include:

  • To search for a member in the hierarchy, enter a member name in the Find Next text box, and click Find Next Image of the Find Next icon..

  • To find a member of the dimension in the application workbook dimension worksheet, either double-click a member in the hierarchy or right click on a member in the hierarchy and select Go To Image of the Go To icon..

    The corresponding member in the application workbook is highlighted.

  • To rename a member:
    1. Right-click a member in the hierarchy and select Rename Image of the Rename icon..
    2. Enter the new member name.
    3. Press Enter.

    The corresponding member is renamed wherever found within the Parent and Child columns of the dimension worksheet.

  • To set storage for all parents (except members containing formulas or defined as label only) to dynamic calc or to stored:
    1. Select the member in the hierarchy and click Edit parents Image of the Edit parents button..
    2. On the drop-down menu, select Set storage to dynamic calc or Set storage to stored.
  • To expand or collapse a hierarchy:
    1. Right-click a member in the hierarchy.
    2. Select Expand All or Collapse All.
  • To show or hide aliases, storage, or operators:
    1. Click Show Image of the Show button in the cube designer hierarchy viewer..
    2. Click Alias, Storage, or Operator, to show or hide those items.