Work with Dimension Worksheets in Cube Designer

  1. In the Designer Panel, select the Dimensions tab.
    Image of the dimensions tab in the cube designer panel.
  2. Select From Sheet Image of the From Sheet button. to populate the Designer Panel with the contents of the application workbook.
  3. Make the changes that you want.
    For descriptions of the options and valid values, see Understand Dimension Worksheets.
  4. (Optional) If you want to update the Cube.Generations worksheet in the application workbook for this dimension, click the Update Generation Worksheet button.

    The Update Generation Worksheet button creates a section in the Cube.Generations worksheet for the dimension selected in the Dimension drop down list on the Dimensions tab of the Designer Panel.

    The Dimension section of the Cube.Generations worksheet changes if you add or delete members on the dimension worksheet (Dim.dimname), causing the number of generations in the dimension to change. If you make changes to the dimension worksheet by adding or deleting members, you should always press the Update Generation Worksheet button as part of the editing process.

  5. Select To Sheet Image of the To Sheet button. to propagate the changes to the application workbook.
  • After adding alias tables using Designer Panel, populate the alias table column with alias names manually, or by copying them from a source.

  • Use no more than 1024 characters when naming dimensions, members, or aliases.

  • The length limit for the dimension worksheet is 30 characters, including 3 characters for the "Dim." at the beginning of the sheet name. So, the name following "Dim." can contain up to 27 characters.

See Understand the Cube.Generations Worksheet.