Work with Text Lists Worksheets in Cube Designer

You can add text list definitions to application workbooks to work with text measures.

  1. Open an application workbook.
  2. On the Cube Designer ribbon, click Cube Designer to open the Designer Panel.
  3. Click the Settings tab.
  4. Click From Sheet to populate the Designer Panel with the contents of the application workbook.
  5. In the Text Lists field, type the name for the new text list.
  6. Press Enter.
    The text list name is moved to the text box below the Text Lists field.
  7. Click To Sheet.

    A new text list definition section is added on the Cube.Textlists worksheet in the application workbook. If no Cube.Textlists sheet exists, one is created and the text list definition is added. Multiple text list definitions are supported, and will be added to the same worksheet.

After you add the text list, you must enter the text list information manually. This includes the associated members for the text list, the valid text items in the list and their related numeric values.