Comparing Scenario Values to Base Values

If you are the owner, approver or participant for a given scenario, you can view scenario and base values in a spreadsheet to compare models.

To view both scenario and base values in an Excel spreadsheet:
  1. On the Applications home page, expand the application to show the cube row for the outline that you want to modify, then click Scenario Image of the Scenario icon..
  2. On the Workflow tab Image of the Workflow icon., start Excel by clicking the Excel icon Image of the Excel icon. under Show Changes.
  3. You can view values for both the scenario and base members in the spreadsheet.
    Image of an Excel spreadsheet showing base and scenario values.
    • On row 1, sb10 is the scenario (or sandbox) member.
    • Also on row 1, Base shows the base values.
    • In the scenario, values for sb10 on rows 2 through 6 have been changed, and you can see the aggregated result in row 7.
  4. Compare the scenario to the base in order to determine your next steps. For example, you might choose to change the status of the scenario to approved based on this information.