Returns the alias name, as a string, for the specified member name.


@ALIAS (mbrName [, altName])



Any valid member name, or a function returning a member.


Optional. Alias table name. This parameter is case insensitive.


  • If no alias name is found, this function returns an empty string.

  • Because functions that take strings as arguments may not function correctly if the string matches a member alias, use the function @ALIAS to pass member alias names as strings, for example when passing alias names as strings to functions such as @ISUDA, @UDA, @CONCATENATE, @SUBSTRING, @MATCH, or @NAME.


The following example returns the alias of member "US$" from the alias table "Long Names."

IF(@ISUDA(@ALIAS("US$", "Long Names")))

In the following example, assume "Book_Inventory" is a dimension name, and there are four alias tables in the outline ("Long Names" is one of them). The example code checks if the current member being calculated in the "Title" dimension has an alias name in "Long Names" that matches with the UDA associated with the "Book_Inventory" dimension’s currently calculating member.

@ISUDA("Book_Inventory",@ALIAS(@NAME(@CURRMBR("Title")), "Long Names"))