Before You Begin

This 10-minute tutorial shows you how to create a project, select data to use in the visualization, and modify the visualization. You learn how to filter, modify data properties, and change the visualization type.


You use a spreadsheet file as the data source to learn how to create visualizations.

What Do You Need?

  • Access to Oracle Analytics Cloud or Oracle Analytics Desktop
  • Download sample_revenue.xlsx file to a location on your computer

Add Data

  1. Sign in to Oracle Analytics with your credentials.
  2. On the Home page, click Create, and then click Workbook.
  3. In Add Dataset, click Create Dataset.
  4. In Create Dataset, click Drop data file here or click to browse, select the sample_revenue.xlsx file, and then click Add.
  5. In Add Dataset, click Add. In the Transform page, click Create Workbook.
  6. From the Data panel, hold down the Ctrl key and drag the following to the canvas:

    Oracle Analytics chooses the best visualization type for the selected data elements.

    Description of initial_viz.png follows
    Description of initial_viz.png
  7. Click the visualization type list List icon and select Horizontal Stacked as the visualization type.
    Description of horizontal_stacked.png follows
    Description of department_color.png
  8. Select DEPARTMENT and drag it to Color so that PROD_TYPE and DEPARTMENT exchange places in the Grammar panel.
  9. Description of department_color.png follows
    Description of the illustration department_color.png

Filter the Data

  1. In the canvas, click Add Filter Create Filter Icon.
  2. From the SAMPLE_REVENUE list, select PROD_TYPE.
  3. From the PROD_TYPE list, select Cell Phones and Smart Phones, and click inside the dialog to close the list.
    Description of filtered_results.png follows
    Description of the illustration filtered_results.png
  4. From the Data panel, select COMPANY, and drag it to Color to replace DEPARTMENT.
  5. In the canvas, click the Menu Filter menu Icon, and select Clear filter selections.
    Description of rev_prod_type.png follows
    Description of the illustration rev_prod_type.png
  6. In the filter bar, next to PROD_TYPE, click Menu Filter Menu icon, and then select Delete.

Change the Properties of a Data Element

  1. In the Data panel, select Revenue. In REVENUE Properties, click Number Format Number Format Icon.

    Description of revenue_props.png follows
    Description of the illustration revenue_props.png
  2. In the Number Format row, click Auto, and then select Currency.
  3. In visualization, click the Menu Menu Icon, select Sort By, select Revenue, and then select Low to High.
    Description of revenue_currency.png follows
    Description of the illustration revenue_currency.png

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