Oracle APEX Application Development

Oracle APEX Application Development (APEX Service) is a feature-scoped and significantly lower-priced workload type of Autonomous Database that enables developers to rapidly build and deploy low-code APEX applications.

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Use the following resources to get started with APEX Service.

Get Started with Oracle APEX

Oracle APEX provides you with all the tools you need to build apps in a single, extensible platform, which runs as a part of Oracle Database. Discover the benefits Oracle APEX has to offer and how you can start building superior apps today.

Get a Free Trial or Subscribe

Before you begin using APEX Service, you must have an OCI account with access to an OCI tenancy. If your organization has a sales agreement with Oracle, start by contacting your organization’s OCI administrator to request access.

If you are an individual user, consider signing up for Oracle Cloud Free Tier. This provides a free non-expiring OCI tenancy and account, plus a free allocation of Cloud Credits to start with. These credits can be spent on paid OCI services including APEX Service during an initial trial period.

Begin the signup process by reviewing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Free Tier. Then, start your signup here