Manage Roles

You assign roles to users and groups to manage what actions people can perform in Oracle API Platform Cloud Service .

See Add Users to a Group with the Infrastructure Console and Roles.

In addition to roles, you issue grants to specific resources (like an API or a gateway) to refine who can interact with each resource. See Grants.

View Users and Groups Assigned a Role

You can view which users and groups are assigned each role. You must be assigned the Administrator role to complete this task.
  1. From the Roles List page, click the role for which you want to view users and groups.
The users and groups assigned the role appear.

View Which Grants Can be Issued to Users or Groups Assigned to a Role

You can view which grants can be issued to users assigned each role. You can also see a description of these grants and the actions they allow users to perform.

  1. From the Roles List page, select the role you want to view eligible grants for.
  2. Click the Grants icon (Grants) tab.
    All of the grants that can be issued to users or groups assigned this role are displayed and described.


    Click a grant to display the actions users receiving this grant can perform.