Get details for an API's latest iteration



Returns details about the latest iteration of the {vanityName} API. This iteration of the API may not yet be published to the Developer Portal.

All authenticated users can request this resource. Only details for APIs that the requesting user is issued the Manage API, View Public Details, Register, or Request Register API grant for are returned.


Path Parameters
Type: string
Required: true
An API's unique vanity name. This is the URI path of the details page for the API on the Developer Portal (like


Supported Media Types
  • application/json
200 Response
JSON structure with details of the API.
API resource representation.
Root Schema : Api
Type: object
API resource representation.
Nested Schema : allVersions
Type: array
List of the API's available versions.
Nested Schema : deployments
Type: array
List of the API's available deployments.
Nested Schema : ApiDetailArtifact
Type: object
API detail artifact representation
Nested Schema : plans
Type: array
The API's deployment plans.
Nested Schema : ApiVersion
Type: object
API version resource representation.
Nested Schema : Deployment
Type: object
Deployment resource representation.
Nested Schema : endPoints
Type: array
A list of endpoint URLs.
Nested Schema : ApiDetailsItem
Type: object
API detail representation for overview and documentation subtypes.
Nested Schema : PlanForApi
Type: object
Plan for a given API resource representation.
Nested Schema : registeredApps
Type: array
List of applications registered to the API.
Nested Schema : RegisteredApp
Type: object
Registered application resource representation.
500 Response
Server error.


The following example shows how to retrieve details about the current iteration of an API published to the Oracle API Platform Cloud Service Developer Portal by submitting a GET request on the REST resource using cURL. For more information about cURL, see Use cURL

curl -i -X GET 
-u apicsadmin:password

Example of Response Headers

The following shows an example of the response headers.

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server: Oracle-Traffic-Director/
Date: Sun, 01 Jan 2017 15:53:28 GMT
Content-length: 547
Content-type: application/json
X-oracle-dms-ecid: qdGX61czR00000000
X-oracle-dms-rid: 0:1
Via: 1.1 otd_opc
Proxy-agent: Oracle-Traffic-Director/

Example of Response Body

The following example shows the contents of the response body in JSON format, including details about the current published iteration of the API and HATEOAS links to related operations.

  "allVersions": [
      "vanityName": "WeatherService1",
      "version": "1"
  "createdAt": "2016-12-09T03:50:21+0000",
  "createdBy": "weblogic",
  "deployments": [
      "description": "test",
      "endPoints": [
      "state": "APPROVED"
  "details": {},
  "id": 180,
  "iterationId": 1,
  "links": [
      "href": "",
      "method": "GET",
      "rel": "canonical",
      "templated": "true"
  "name": "WeatherService",
  "state": "ALPHA",
  "vanityName": "WeatherService1",
  "version": "1"