Set language resource



Updates Developer Portal language resources for the {languageCode} language based on the provided JSON. You can post a partial JSON file as long as it retains the same structure as the original resource file.

Note:You can set new default strings by submitting a resource for the en-us language code.

Users requesting this resource must be assigned the Administrator role.


Supported Media Types
  • application/json
Path Parameters
Type: string
Required: true
Language code, like en-us.
Query Parameters
Type: string
Optional portal name query parameter, for site-specific settings
Body Parameter
Language resources as JSON.
Root Schema : resources
Type: object
This is the JSON decription of language resources, in form of "language_code":{"id":"translated_text"}.


200 Response
401 Response
Authentication required.
403 Response
Not allowed to set.


The following example shows how to upload custom language resources to the Oracle API Platform Cloud Service Developer Portal by submitting a POST request on the REST resource using cURL. You can change the default (English) text by using the en or en-us language code in the language code path parameter. For more information about cURL, see Use cURL

curl -i -X POST 
-u apicsadmin:password
-H "Content-Type: application/json"
-d @language_resource.json

Example of Request Body

The following shows an example of a custom language resource request body in JSON format that changes the Help button to Documentation.

  "oap": {
    "navbar": {
      "buttons": {
        "apicatalog": "APIs",
        "appcatalog": "My Applications",
        "help": "Documentation",
        "user": "User Menu"

Example of Response Headers

The following shows an example of the response headers.

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server: Oracle-Traffic-Director/
Date: Sun, 01 Jan 2017 16:31:46 GMT
Content-length: 0
X-oracle-dms-ecid: 7Gs7D0PnR00000000
X-oracle-dms-rid: 0:1
Via: 1.1 otd_opc
Proxy-agent: Oracle-Traffic-Director/