Get configuration



Returns the current custom Developer Portal configuration settings as JSON. Returns a 404 if no custom configuration exists.

This is a public resource; it does not require authentication and can be accessed by any user.


Query Parameters
Type: string
Optional portal name query parameter, for site-specific settings


Supported Media Types
  • application/json
200 Response
JSON configuration structure.
Developer Portal configuration.
Root Schema : config
Type: object
Developer Portal configuration.
Nested Schema : _remove_
Type: array
Specifies entries to be removed from the default configuration. The entries must specify the path to the JSON property to be removed from the root down to the actual property. Separate property names with slashes.
Nested Schema : branding
Type: object
Company and product names, logos, copyright, etc.
Nested Schema : css
Type: object
Collection of CSS rules.
Nested Schema : layout
Type: object
Developer Portal UI layout definitions.
Nested Schema : modules
Type: object
Developer Portal module configuration.
Nested Schema : services
Type: object
URLs of services used by the Developer Portal.
Nested Schema : session
Type: object
Session management configuration.
Nested Schema : branding_about
Type: object
About box branding configuration.
Nested Schema : branding_login
Type: object
Login screen branding properties.
Nested Schema : branding_login_background
Type: object
Branded login screen background image configuration.
Nested Schema : branding_login_background_mobile
Type: object
Background image configuration for mobile devices.
Nested Schema : css_properties
Type: object
Collection of CSS properties.
Nested Schema : layout_home
Type: object
Specifies the home module.
Nested Schema : layout_navigation
Type: object
Controls how navigation works in the Developer Portal.
Nested Schema : layout_panels
Type: object
Associates modules with elements (panels) in the page's HTML structure.
Nested Schema : layout_panel
Type: object
Specifies an association between a module and an HTML element.
Nested Schema : modules_inventory
Type: object
The list of the modules configured in the system.
Nested Schema : modules_redirect
Type: object
Collection of module redirection definitions.
Nested Schema : module
Type: object
The definition of a single Developer Portal module.
Nested Schema : module_data
Type: object
Module data configuration. The layout of this object depends upon the module. The properties defined here are named by the module and apply to the data object itself.
Nested Schema : module_page_id
Type: object
The context identifier of a module.
Nested Schema : module_data_api_details
Type: object
Data for the api.details module.
Nested Schema : module_data_application_analytics
Type: object
Module data for the application analytics module.
Nested Schema : apiary_theme
Type: object
Apiary theme properties. A complex object that specifies the theme properties to be used for embedded Apiary documentation. The theme properties structure is documented here:
Nested Schema : analytics_ranges
Type: object
Analytics time range definitions.
Nested Schema : analytics_range_group
Type: object
A group of analytics ranges.
Nested Schema : analytics_range
Type: object
An analytics time range definition.
Nested Schema : analytics_range_granularity
Type: object
Defines the length of the time buckets analytics data is aggregated in.
Nested Schema : analytics_range_interval
Type: object
Defines the time interval for the range.
Nested Schema : module_page_id_deep
Type: object
Collection of page IDs of subpanels or tabs.
404 Response
No configuration found.


The following example shows how to retrieve the custom Oracle API Platform Cloud Service Developer Portal configuration file by submitting a GET request on the REST resource using cURL. For more information about cURL, see Use cURL

curl -i -X GET

Example of Response Headers

The following shows an example of the response headers.

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server: Oracle-Traffic-Director/
Date: Sun, 01 Jan 2017 16:13:46 GMT
Content-length: 314
X-oracle-dms-ecid: 7Gs7D0PnR00000000
X-oracle-dms-rid: 0:1
Via: 1.1 otd_opc
Proxy-agent: Oracle-Traffic-Director/

Example of Response Body

The following example shows the contents of the response body in JSON format, including the current Developer Portal configuration.

	"branding": {
		"vendor": "${i18n.branding.vendor}",
		"product": "${i18n.branding.product}",
		"product_short": "${i18n.branding.product_short}",
		"title": "${i18n.branding.title}",
		"logo": {
			"url": "",
			"width": "auto",
			"height": "17px",
			"alignment": "baseline"