Get state of the Developer Portal



Returns true if the Developer Portal is enabled and false if it is disabled.

This is a public resource; it does not require authentication and can be accessed by any user.


There are no request parameters for this operation.


Supported Media Types
  • text/plain
200 Response
Boolean true/false string indicating if the Developer Portal is enabled.
Root Schema : /paths/~1v1~1public~1enabled/get/responses/200/schema
Type: string


The following example shows how to determine if the Oracle API Platform Cloud Service Developer Portal is enabled by submitting a GET request on the REST resource using cURL. For more information about cURL, see Use cURL

curl -i -X GET

Example of Response Headers

The following shows an example of the response headers.

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server: Oracle-Traffic-Director/
Date: Sun, 01 Jan 2017 16:39:25 GMT
Content-length: 4
Content-type: text/plain
X-oracle-dms-ecid: 8D_vT0gLS00000000
X-oracle-dms-rid: 0:1
Via: 1.1 otd_opc
Proxy-agent: Oracle-Traffic-Director/

Example of Response Body

The following example shows the contents of the response body in text/plain format when the Developer Portal is enabled.