2 Getting Started

To set up an Oracle Visual Builder service, tasks such as creating service instances and user accounts need to be performed by Oracle Cloud service administrators with specific roles. If you are a Visual Builder administrator you might not have sufficient privileges to perform the tasks described in this section, but you should be familiar with the steps for setting up the service and the various roles, processes and tools for administering Oracle Cloud services and users.

Set Up Oracle Visual Builder

Here are the steps for signing up for an Oracle Visual Builder promotion or subscription and creating a service instance:

  1. Sign up for a free credit promotion or purchase a subscription. See Requesting and Managing Free Oracle Cloud Promotions or Buying an Oracle Cloud Subscription in Getting Started with Oracle Cloud.
    After you sign up for an account you will receive an email message with details about your Oracle Cloud account and how to access your services in the My Services console.


    After signing up, it typically takes approximately 30 minutes before your services are available in the My Services console. You can start creating instances after your services are available.
  2. Sign in to Oracle Cloud and navigate to Oracle Visual Builder in the My Services Dashboard. See Signing in to Your Cloud Account in Getting Started with Oracle Cloud.
  3. Provision your service instance. See Create Your Service Instance.
  4. Create accounts for your users and assign them appropriate privileges and roles. See Add Users and Assign Roles.