2 Upgrade Policy

When you create a new visual app, Visual Builder automatically sets your runtime dependencies to the latest Visual Builder Runtime and JET versions. If you’ve already deployed (shared or published) an app, however, it’s up to you to decide when to upgrade, as long as you do so within a certain time period. As a general rule, Visual Builder supports applications built on the current Runtime Version, as well as the three previous versions. For 24.04, for example, Visual Builder supports not only the 24.04 Runtime Version, but also apps built with 23.10, 23.04 and 22.10. Once 24.10 comes out, however, support for the 22.10 Runtime Version will drop off, so we'll ask you to upgrade those apps before you can work on them in Visual Builder Studio. If you choose not to upgrade at that time, you run the risk that newer browser versions will break your app. You also won’t be able to take advantage of any important security and performance improvements. For all of these reasons, we encourage you to build time into your development cycle to keep abreast of current changes, and to make sure you upgrade your app (you should version it first) before support for your current runtime version expires.