Add Fields to a Business Object Based on a DB Table or View

After a business object has been created from an existing table or view, you can add fields based on other existing columns in the table or view. You typically do this when the table or view has been modified, or because a referenced business object is now available.


You cannot use the Business Object editor to add fields that would require a new column to be created. To add such a field, you must add a new column to the database table (or redefine the view), then add the field for that column.

To add a field to a business object based on an existing table or view:

  1. Open the Business Objects page and click your business object's Fields tab.
  2. Click the + Field button, then select Field From Column.
  3. In the Create Field from Column wizard, look for the field you want to add. Fields that don't already exist and can be added show in the wizard automatically. Select the check mark in the field's first column, or click Edit icon and select Include Field; update other values as needed.

    If you want to see the fields already added to the business object, select Show Existing Fields in the left pane.

    Click Create Field.