Add Team Members

Add team members to an application to enable other developers in the identity domain to contribute to developing the application.

To allow other team members to collaborate on the same application, you need to explicitly add the name of each team member in the application’s Settings editor.

To add a team member to an application:

  1. Open your web or mobile application and choose Settings in the application’s Options menu in the toolbar.

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    Alternatively, on the Oracle Visual Builder home page, locate the application where you want to change the settings and choose Settings in the application’s Options menu.

  2. Open the Team tab in the Settings editor.

    The Team tab contains a Members panel that displays a list of current team members. The tab also displays a History panel that displays the time of the last update to the application and the name of the team member who made the update.

  3. In the Members panel, select a team member’s email from the dropdown list. Click Add.
    The dropdown list displays the email addresses of all the members in your identity domain who can be added to the application as developers.