Change the Data Type of a Field Based on a DB Column

When you add a field based on an existing DB column, the field's type is set to the column's default data type. You can change this data type after creation if needed. For example, when you have a field of type Datetime (where a date or time is stored in a TIMESTAMP or DATE column), you might want to change the field's type from Datetime to Date.


Before changing an existing field's data type, ensure that the new type is appropriate for the data type of the column on which it is based.

To change the default data type of a field added to a business object based on an existing table or view:

  1. From your business object's Fields editor, select the field whose type you want to change.
  2. Under Type in the Properties pane, click Edit icon next to the current data type.
  3. Select the type you want to change to and click Update.