Change Page Templates

When you create pages from templates, you can change patterns and fragments associated with a page, even remove them completely if you want. This way, you keep the same page name but change whatever else is on the page.


Applying a new template removes everything on the page, including associated files—it's as if the page was deleted and a new one created with the same name. Previous user work is removed and all content is reset to an initial state (which may be an empty page or a basic template). Proceed with caution.

To update or remove a pattern or fragment on a page:

  1. Open the page with the associated pattern or fragment. For example, here's a page that was created with the employee-contact-details fragment as a page template:

  2. To view the page's Properties pane, make sure no component or element is selected on the page. If you need to, simply click an empty area on the page.
  3. Click Select Page Template in the Properties pane.
  4. In the Page Templates dialog, make your choice:

    • To clear all existing content on the page, select No Page Content.
    • To replace existing content with a fragment, select the fragment you want to use. The fragment you want to use must be tagged with the page metadata in the Used For field, which allows it to surface as page content.
    • To replace existing content with a pattern, select the pattern you want to use. The pattern you want to use must be installed to your application from the Components tab in the Navigator.
  5. Click Select.

If you replaced page content with a new pattern or fragment, you can now wire up the page for the necessary parameters.