Check Application Code

Use the Audits feature to check and verify the code of your application as you develop it. This feature helps you catch and fix errors before you stage and deploy your application.

When you use Audits, Visual Builder scans and runs checks on the code in your application and displays errors and warnings, if any. In addition to reporting errors related to JET components, the Audits pane displays other errors, such as syntax errors, warnings for missing dependencies, and translation-related errors. You can view details for the issues and also resolve issues from the Audits Pane.
  1. Click Audits to view the Audits pane.
    The application is scanned and results are displayed in the Audits pane. The results are sorted into four categories based on severity.
  2. Review the listed issues.
    For each issue, you can review severity, issue details, source and location.
  3. Optionally, filter the issue list to review specific issues by using the Search field and by selecting or deselecting the severity buttons.
  4. Select an issue and click the Menu icon (Menu icon).
  5. Select Open in Source Editor or Open Artifact to view the source code for the issue.
  6. Select Do not report this type of defect again to ignore similar defects in future.
  7. Resolve the issue, if possible, by selecting the appropriate option.

    For example, for the String not externalized for translation issue, select the Add to translation bundle option to fix the issue.
    Description of audits_extr_tran_resolve-png.png follows
    Description of the illustration audits_extr_tran_resolve-png.png

    Similarly, for the Element should have non empty ID attribute type issues, select the Add missing ID attribute option to fix the issue.
    Description of audits_miss_attr_resolve-png.png follows
    Description of the illustration audits_miss_attr_resolve-png.png