Create Pages From Patterns

You can leverage Redwood resources in your application to create pages based on Redwood patterns.

Redwood provides several page templates, some of which are also available as patterns. A pattern defines the basic constructs of a page for common use cases and adds variables, actions, and event listeners to your page. Such patterns make it easier for you to create pages by eliminating time-consuming and error-prone work, where you might need to add individual components to a page and manually wire up the necessary actions.


Creating a page based on a pattern is supported only if your app is leveraging version 2301 or later of the Redwood components.
  1. To add a pattern to your application:
    1. Open the Components tab (Components tab) in the Navigator.
    2. Select the Browse tab and search for "redwood pattern". Click a pattern to learn more about it.
    3. When you know which pattern you want to use, click Install (or Install Component in the canvas area). If prompted, make sure you install or update other dependent components.

      Once you install a pattern, it becomes available to you when creating a page.

  2. To create a page based on a pattern:
    1. Open your application and expand the flow where you want to add a page.
    2. Click the Create Page icon ( Create Page icon ) next to the flow, then select Create Page.
    3. Enter the name of the new page in the Page ID field of the Create Page dialog box. By convention, a page name has its flow name as a prefix.
    4. Under Choose Page Content, select the pattern that you want to use with the page. If there are too many patterns, filter to find the one you want.

      If your application includes fragments for use in pages, those will also be available to you in the Create Page dialog.

    5. Click Create.
A new page, with the contents of the pattern added to it, opens in the Page Designer. The page contains all the variables, events, listeners, and action chains required by the pattern to work and can now be customized as needed.