Login Action

This action launches the login process as defined in the Security Provider implementation.

The action module for this action is vb/action/builtin/loginAction. It invokes the handleLogin function on the Security Provider with the returnPath argument.

Parameter Name Description
returnPath The path of the page or flow to go to when login is successful.
The behavior of the default implementation of the Security Provider handleLogin function is:
  • Navigate to the login URL specified by the Security Provider configuration.

  • If returnPath is not defined, use the default page of the application.

  • Convert the page returnPath to a URL path and add it to the login URL.

Example 8-18 Example

An example of a chain using the loginAction:

"signInChain": {
  "root": "signInAction",
  "actions": {
    "signInAction": {
      "module": "vb/action/builtin/loginAction"